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What is Dome and Domer?

Love them or hate them, there is no in-between when it comes to Notre Dame. Simply put, Dome and Domer is a podcast done BY fanatic ND sports fans FOR fanatic ND sports fans. Do you have an obnoxious ND-hater you want to shut up or need some ammo for chatter around the water cooler? If the answer is yes, you won't want to miss a single episode of Dome and Domer.

Contributing members:

Mike Brammer "Dome" - is convinced ND is "God's" team.
ND Pedigree - '90 graduate of ND. Roomed with former Domer contributor Mike Sullivan in Dillon Hall. Walk-on for the ND 1986 football team as a place kicker under Lou Holtz. Older brother was a member of the 1972 ND baseball team. Played QB for Dillon Hall championship team of '87.
Sports Credentials - All-state QB for Mishawaka Marian High School and placekicker.

Ed Jordanich "Domer" - Cockeyed optimist? World weary cynic? Depends on the weather. Misses Tony Roberts and Tom Pagna dearly.
ND Pedigree - '89 graduate of ND (last class to win it all). All-time favorites: Dave Casper and Dave Batton. Favorite Lou quote: "Ain't never coached no football player named Rag-hib before!"
Sports Credentials - None, really. Usually won arguments to be all-time quarterback at recess on Our Lady of Hungary grade school playground in late 70's.