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Irish navigating the new era of College Football

Freeman may be a relatively inexperienced head coach, but he's navigating the new era of college football flawlessly. Notre Dame is in a much better spot because of him.

The reality of 9-3 is not so bad

Would 9-3 really be that bad? Pretty obvious we were in every game. Are we headed in the right direction?

Irish capable of winning out?

Huge win over USC resurrects ND from the depths of despair. Can they make a run and win out?

Irish deliver in the clutch to put away Duke

Louisville is undefeated and will challenge an emotionally drained ND team. Can the Irish rise again?

Notre Dame still have a high ceiling?

Notre Dame let one get away. Is how they let it get away going to have lasting ramifications?

Is ND the better football team?

Notre Dame has been firing on all cylinders as of late. Even though we don't have as many NFL prospects as OSU, are we the better team at this point in the season?

Interview with Quinn Klocke (head coach Row Team)

Special Edition: Mike Bradley, class of '67, interviews the head coach of the row team, Quinn Klocke as they discuss the recent national attention the program has received.

Irish better than you think?

Notre Dame has playmakers on both sides of the ball. In game adjustments are clearly making a difference. Could this be the year?

Irish poised to deliver vs NC State

NC State in a different category than first 2 opponents. Will the Irish still execute at the same level and win convincingly?

2023 Irish are different

Is this 2023 Notre Dame team different than years past? Do we finally have an elite QB who can supplement a stout running game? This year is looking very bright, for now....

Irish offense ready to shine?

Does Notre Dame have the missing piece at QB that translates into a Playoff run?  Or is this another build up for a run over the next couple of years?