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Two huge wins for the Irish. Half game out of first in the Big East.

Kyle Mac sets record vs. 'Cuse. 17 in a row in conference at home.


  1. Good show. I enjoyed the discussion about Brey's handling of some of the different situations such as Harangody complaining about foul calls and when ND was down 4 against Pitt. I was at the game and didn't catch the coaches in these situations.

    This team is really fun to root for as they are always hustling, play team ball and never quit.

    Go Irish - Beat the Cardinals

  2. It's an interesting discussion as to whether or not the play of this team is directly related to coach Brey or is it simply the chemistry of the players? I tend to think Brey has really refined his coaching style and there will be more of this in the future.

  3. I think Brey is the same guy he always has been but he has guys that are responding more to his message better than the three N.I.T. teams did. Maybe he has done a better job of getting guys that fit his system.

    Whether he has changed his coaching style or recruited guys who fit better, he deserves all the credit for the last 2 years.

  4. It has been a fun season and they are unbeatable at home...

    The flip side... This team is only 1-4 against ranked teams on the road. I know the Big East is a tough league, but they were blown out by Marquette (granted it was early) and Georgetown.. I can not figure this team out...... Last night was not close as the score shows.. yes, they made a some what of a comeback, but Louisville was in control and ND had to catch up...

    The tournaments (Big East & NCAA); you have to win at a non Joyce Center Site against very good clubs (some will be ranked, depending on how deep the go)... They could be upset if they do not figure this out...


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