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The 2008 season is upon us...finally! What to expect?

It's a whole new season, thank God. What's a realistic expectation coming off a 3-9 season? Is there reason for hope?


  1. A reasonable season is finishing 8-4 , with the 4 losses being relatively close (ten points or less), and winning a bowl game. Anything less then 6 victories and lets hope Skip Holtz has a clause in his newly signed contract extension!

  2. The Irish will go 9-3. They'll smash SD St. 44-3 and then find reality against Michigan, who they they will hang on to beat 21-17. Armando Allen will emerge as the star back and it will be evident that the defense is what will be the key this year.
    Michigan State will throttle us, till Evan Sharpley comes in to make the game respectable (like Purdue and BC last year). The Irish lose 27-21.
    Returning home against Purdue and Stanford - the Irish begin to roll, winning 48-17 and 31-10.
    Having learned from the Spartan's beating, ND finally wins on the road @ NC 24-21 and Wash. 37-24.
    Pitt comes to ND and the Irish squeak by 20-17. But travelling to BC proves humbling as we fall 30-24.
    Away at Navy and home against Syracuse are routs 35-3 and 49-0.
    Entering USC with a very respectable 9-2 record facing the undefeated Goliath, the Irish fall (score depending on who is leading the team at this point).

  3. The Irish get upset by San Diego State at home in the opener. The BOO BIRDS are now out. Somehow instead of the Team quitting like it did last year in games verses Michigan,Michigan State,USC,Air Force, and others it finds it guts and comes back to beat Michigan and 6 other teams to go 7-5 and goes to a minor Bowl and wins in OT.

    THis Coach and Team need to learn how to win every week again and NOT QUIT ever againg.

    Last year is still too fresh in my mind to think otherwise until proven other wise. Jake Carney from Air Force is still having a better day against us then Reggie Bush ever did.

    Don't ever quit 2008 IRISH. SHoe us that you earn the mantle of THE FIGHTING IRISH AGAIN

  4. Irish will go 10-2 and lose the last game vs. USC by one point. BCS bowl victory will be enough to have ND pre-season ranked #6 for 09-10.

  5. I think everyone is watching too much ESPN! There is some serious talent on this squad that has not been unleashed. I think ND shocks the nation this year...and shuts Mark May (a bitter BC grad because of the throttling ND handed him through his career) up. I can't wait to see him humbled on ESPN after his week-in-week out prediction of the Irish getting beat. Week 6, he goes to make his prediction...and they say, before he speaks, "Now Mark, you might want to think this through before making your prediction".

  6. San Diego State will not be a barometer, we will beat them handily at home. Anything more than 7 wins will be unlikely and impressive. USC & MSU will not be competitive games. Pitt & BC will be favored. This team is one year removed from being the worst offense in the nation, basically. Do not succumb to false expectations. Our beloved Irish were very bad last year.
    Until I see our offensive line block somebody I am skeptical.

  7. We can not predicte anything about a team we know so little about. I HOPE we are more physical, aggressive and wiser. 6,7,8 - 10 wins, Common on. Lets hope the boys remember how to have fun, a play loose. If they can do that we will all be happy come December

  8. I see at least 9 wins. I look at our schedule and see a bunch of teams that are not as good as last year. Michigan has a whole new offense, BC lost everyone almost. MSU and USC are by far the toughest games. By the way, Mark May is a PITT grad.

  9. I rather have the play calling roles reversed: Haywood saying when ND runs, passes, punts, kicks, etc. and Weis calling the running play, etc. The problems in the past have been going for it at the wrong times, fake punts at the wrong time, etc. and that doesn't look like it is going to change.

    Also nobody is talking about the officiating. What is the plan for officials this year, it seems it changes every year. PAC-10 officials are especially bad. ND should be able to demand completely neutral officials, how come they don't? At the USC game this year, wouldn't it be great to have SEC officials on the field and in the replay booth?


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