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Collapse at USC has Weis on the hot seat.

Should he stay or should he go? The Pro's and Con's of each.


  1. I agree, ND cannot remove Weis without having a replacement signed up. ND is not an attractive job although as you said, the cupboard is not bare at this time. Money is really the only motivator in obtaining the right coach. This means ND needs to significantly increase the salary of the coach they want. On the other hand there seems to be plenty of young college head coaches with great offensive schemes that will work at ND. I disagree about Weis, his offense is dated and predictable. Also unless the officiating is fixed, the new coach will not have much success either.

  2. As a ND fan, I think firing Weis would've been a huge mistake for the longevity of the program. This is not a quick fix, and perhaps other fans need to temper their expectations. At the end of the day, this is still a young team that let a few games (UNC, Pitt and Syr) get away because they shot themselves in the collective foot down the stretch.

    Every year, fans on recruiting Web sites project incoming recruits to crack the starting lineup and replace players they preached the exact same thing about the previous year. Does that mean those younger players really are that much better, or does it reflect an impatience within the fan base coupled with unrealistic expectations. Just have some perspective and let these things play themselves out.

    If Weis rounds out this incoming class with a few more players, ND might actually operate with a full and (finally) balanced roster next season. That, in itself, is a major step toward becoming a respectable college football program.

    I'm finally excited to see ND find itself in a bowl game with a winnable matchup instead of a BCS of higher slated game soley because of the name recognition and money. Never underestimate the momentum that can, and I think will, be gained from the extra practice and a bowl victory.


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