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Weis done. Now what?

Pressures squarely on Jack Swarbrick. Can the Irish land a quality coach?


  1. I am a huge ND fan but you need to get real regarding Urban Meyer. Why would he want to leave Florida where he can recruit and land the best athletes’?
    1. The state of Florida has a wealth of talent. The players can play in state and stay close to home. Urban does not have to travel across the country to recruit. The process is easier for him and his staff at Florida than at ND.
    2. The players can redshirt—they can take 12 hrs per semester for 5 years and graduate vs ND’s redshirt program.
    3. Academics are more challenging at ND than at Florida – it is easier to remain in school at Florida than at ND. This is appealing to many college football players.
    4. The admission standards are lower at Florida vs ND.
    5. The weather is a plus in Florida vs Indiana and South Bend is not exactly a great place to live.

    The real issue here is that the ND administration needs to answer the question as to whether they want the program to remain relevant. They need to determine what the goals are for the football program. If it is to truly become a contender for the national title then they need to tweak the admission requirements for the football program. Instituting the redshirt policy used by all other Division I colleges and universities are a start.

    Finally, if the administration does not want to make changes, they need to stop talking about national championships and BCS bids. This double talk is meaningless and upsetting. ND needs to look in a mirror, be honest and deliver on what they stand for.

  2. "ND needs to look in a mirror, be honest and deliver on what they stand for."

    I believe they are standing up for what they believe in: student-athletes. My Purdue-grad friend has told me he admires ND for not lowering their academic standards and I have to agree.

    I do agree with you that Meyer will not be coming to ND. I think they'll call him as well as many others (Stoops, maybe even Pete Carrol in a stretch) just to get a reply but I think the answer will be "Thanks, but I think I've got a good thing goin' on here".

  3. Nice discussion I particularly like the angle that Kelly might be just a little bit more hungry than some of the more proven guys being considered. Also agree it is absolutely ridiculous to say that ND has lost its mystique and relevance. If that was the case then why would ND be the #1 topic in college football right now? I agree that talent is not the issue we have and can recruit plenty of talent we need a change of attitude that will come with the right coach.. I still don't see why Randy Edsall of UConn is not in the conversation...

  4. Solution: Notre Dame forms new football conference with University of Virginia, Duke, Rice, Vanderbilt, William and Mary, Stanford, Tulane and the service academies. The regular season champ of the new conference would play the Ivy League champ for National Championship( SAT Division).

  5. ND will return to glory. They have had three horrible coaches that have put them behind. The same was for Oklahoma in the 90's or Bama before Saban arrived. All ND needs is a good coach that can develope players and the administration to loosen up a little bit. If its BK, UM, BS, JG, TD, or KF Notre Dame will return to glory in the next 3-4 years.

  6. Funny how the last 2 ND coaches both had good years with other coaches' recruits. Willingham had a really great run hist 1st year until he got blown out by USC and humiliated by NC State. Weis did pretty much the same thing in his 1st 2 years. Davie had similar results as well, only the 2000 season, losing his 1st two, winning out the rest of the regular season, then getting humiliated by OR St., but that was mostly with his own recruits. I wonder how history will label this period in ND football history? If they are unoriginal, it will be the 'Dark Ages' or 'Mediocricy' like a meritocracy . . . or maybe just 'Stinky' would do.

  7. Here is an 'under the radar' candidate...
    Bryan-College Station, TX (December 3, 2009) –
    The Brazos Valley Bombers announced today that their “Ambassador of Fun,” KaBoom, has applied for the head football coaching vacancy at Notre Dame. The explosive personality believes that his rare combination of charisma and sports knowledge will translate into success for the famous Notre Dame Football program.

    After serving as head coach for the past five seasons, Charlie Weis was relieved of his duties earlier this week by Notre Dame Director of Athletics Jack Swarbrick after going 6-6 during the 2009 campaign. Upon hearing of the termination of Weis, KaBoom decided this would be an opportune time to demonstrate his coaching abilities. Earlier today, KaBoom contacted Notre Dame Coordinator of Office Services Mary Jane Elias and submitted his application to become the 16th head coach of the famed program.

    Although KaBoom has no experience coaching football, he believes that he will be the perfect match for the Fighting Irish. He feels that he can bring an exciting brand of football back to South Bend, Indiana. “I’ve always felt I could coach major college football, but I have just never gotten around to applying for a position. When I heard Bob Stoops and Will Muschamp say they were going to stay at Oklahoma and Texas, I decided I needed to jump at this opportunity,” KaBoom told a Brazos Valley Bombshell yesterday.

    KaBoom provided Notre Dame with a resume that he believes is “flawless,” with references to Notre Dame coaching legends Knute Rockne and Lou Holtz, as well as Rudy. He claims to have received a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Entertainment from the School of Hard Knocks and believes the training he received there be invaluable in turning around Notre Dame’s fortunes.

    Bombers fans who are worried about the departure of KaBoom need not worry, as he will make the necessary arrangements to ensure that he will be in attendance at all the Bombers’ game next summer. He plans on using his time in Texas to do some extra recruiting during the day, while still making it out to Brazos Valley Bank Ballpark at night to root on his favorite team of all- the Brazos Valley Bombers.

    The Bombers are members of the Texas Collegiate League, one of the nation’s premier summer collegiate circuits. Teams like the Bombers bring minor league baseball-style entertainment to communities throughout the country, giving some of the best college players a chance to further their careers in wood bat leagues in front of Major League scouts. The Bombers 56-game season begins in June and runs through the middle of August, followed by the TCL playoffs and a championship series. Season tickets for the 2010 season are now on sale. More information is available by calling the Bombers ticket office at (979) 779-PLAY, visiting the Bombers office in Bryan, or logging on to the Bombers’ official web site at

  8. Yeah Urban Myer is super great. No one could ever beat him! He's the greatest. There's certainly no other catholic coach in the country that's half as good as him.

    If only you could get Nick Saban. Feels great to see ND down. Enjoy losing your NBC contract. ROLL DAMN TIDE

  9. Kelly confirms he'll talk to ND...


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