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Irish gearing up for 2010 season.

2 weeks away from the start of the 2010 season. Can we say we've finally arrived as a legite program ready to compete?


  1. I think the links broken guys because the podcast isn't opening. I'm dying to hear your wonderful voices speak some new ND football knowledge and news!

  2. In all this talk about having Ara talk to the team like it was something new, it seems that everyone forgets that one of the things that everyone liked about Charlie at the beginning was that he also embraced the tradition of ND and everyone said he got it because he was a Domer. Did we forget that he had both Ara and Lou coach the spring game. He even visited all the dorms on campus when he first got here, and he brought big time players back every year to talk to the team. It was his failure to develop the underclassmen (at least other than the offensive skill positions) on the 2005 and 2006 teams that made the thing spiral south. It is also incorrect to label ND as irrelevant since 1993. 2 BCS games in Charlies' first 2 years and a #1 preseason ranking in 2006 is not irrelevant (even though the bowl games didn't turn out as would have liked - but even in that we were in the game against OSU until the final 2 minutes and Ohio States last touchdown).

    But I do agree that Kelly appears to be doing the right things and I am excited for this upcoming season. Go IRISH!

  3. In 2006 we were #3 in Coaches and #2 in AP preseason. I should've clarified my point about being irrelevant, which was specifically related to the National Championship picture at the end of the year. We haven't been near it since 1993. Good point about player development, let's hope Kelly nails that.


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