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Kelly gets the class he wants

Basketball and Football riding high. Kelly excited about holes filled with incoming class.


  1. Good show. I listened a while ago but didn't have a chance to post my thoughts at that time. I love the class and think Kelly got his RKG's for this class, especially in the most important area of need, the front seven on defense. I disagree with both Mike and Ed and hope that you are wrong that Golson starts next year. If that happens, it means that none of Crist, Rees , or Hendrix are developing. It also means that our chances for a BCS bowl are about nil; however, I do think we have a decent shot at a BCS game with a more experienced QB. Don't get me wrong, I have seen Golson's tapes, and I admit he looks great and has great potential, but did you see Clausen's tapes? He looked like the second coming in high school and was the top player in the country, but the bottom line is there is a huge leap from high school to Division 1 QB, and Clausen struggled mightily his first year. I know that he had a bad OL, but still it takes time to get there. That is why there is hardly if ever a true freshmen QB in a BCS game. Think back on how players like Clausen, Colt McCoy, Prior, Brady Quinn struggled as true freshmen. The only reason they were playing that young was lack of a decent guy with experience. That said, the guys besides Brindza most likely to make an impact are Ishaq Williams or Aaron Lynch. They have the talent and the benefit of spring training/weight lifting and are in positions that are thin.


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