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Irish disappoint yet again in NCAA.

It's a recurring theme, we play well in the season, but can't make a run. Why?


  1. Isn't it obvious that Michael Floyd has a serious alcohol problem? Yes what he did was wrong, but I feel sorry for the guy he needs help. The worst thing for him would be for him to be kicked out of school and off the team. He seems genuinely remorseful. He needs the support of his team and the university. Hopefully he will get the help he needs and be able to stick with the team and get his degree.

  2. At the very end of this podcast, when Ed joked about his wife complaining about all the "sports yahoos" brought in as commencement speakers, I had to smile.

    When I got my graduate degree at Miami (the real one, in Ohio), our commencement speaker was Ara Parseghian. I am not a real fan of sports, but Ara Parseghian was the best commencement speaker I have seen, before or since (and this was 1987).

    Sometimes a "sports yahoo" can give a great speech!


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