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Making sense of Michigan

Irish do what they do again, giving one away. Are things really different this year than in years past? Analysis says yes, there absolutely is.


  1. Great podcast, as always guys. Nice discussion about the punting and special teams. I hadn't yet analyzed the punt at the end of the game that resulted in a touch back and put the ball on the 20 for Mich, so thanks for bringing that up.

    I watched the game at a MSU alums house and he hates UM more than I do, if that's even possible. So he was wanting an ND win, but kept saying how much he thinks Cousins is now going to throw to Gary Gray's direction. I think Gary was really struggling out there when DRob eventually starting getting some catchable balls up in the air. Kelly has stated he's behind Gray, do you think he should step back and re-evaluate putting in Lo Wood?

    I said on 9/2 that I think ND will end with 8 wins, 9 max. I still feel we can get there, but it MUST start this weekend.


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