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2012 Season is here. What's going to be different?

As always, expectations are high. What's realistic and what isn't. D&D debate it.


  1. I don't know why I listened to this show, I am so depressed now. Mike Coffey and Ed Jordanich are so depressing. Do they even see any good in anythig? If I were them, I would probably shoot myself because I would be so miserable. And please, no more ND Nation morons on the show.

  2. The audio on this is miserable.

  3. Fellas,

    Sorry for the audio, it was either tape the entire show all over or submit what we had. I'm not paid enough to do it all over. :)

    As for Ed and Coffey, I think the frustration level has hit an all-time high for them. They want things to turn around now, not continue to hear empty promises. Fear not though, the Irish are for real. We just need to playmakers this year to step forward and we'll be fine.

  4. Hey Guys

    Glad to hear you were at least aware of the audio problem. Ive noticed also that last years shows Ed seems to get cut off in mid sentence(like he has a time limit) and Mike has to improvise. Good luck fixing it all.

    As for the content, IMO Ed does a great job with concise analysis in a realistic yet non emotional manner that applies a fair and responsible allotment to both coaches and players. The other guest yes seems to make his complaints in more a whiny and unrealistic manner.

    The show is still worth listening to, provided the audio gets fixed.

  5. Mike and Ed,
    Thanks again for a good show. Your conversations are interesting and enjoyable enough that we'll put up with sub-par audio. Having listened to the show, I'll make these (hopefully salient points):

    A) The running game had better be REALLY good because we've lost Floyd, we don't have a playmaker at receiver, and don't have a proven quarterback. I think you guys are underestimating the severity of NOT having a proven quarterback. All things on defense being equal, if our "big games" (Mich, OU, Miama, USC) come down to quarterback play, we might be in trouble.

    B) I love your show, but I think you have once again made the mistake of assuming MSU is a win for us. Well, Sunshine Mike has, anyway. If we lose the MSU game the season could spiral downward. Hell, don't even assume we'll beat Navy. We have just not been good enough to assume victory in ANY games.

    C) Which brings me to my next point: The defense. Any Notre Dame team should be good enough, year in and year out, to garner 8 wins on defense alone. ND should be a guaranteed 8-4 every year. Throw in a seasoned quarterback and O-line every two out of four years, and you should alternate between splitting the other 4 games (for a 10-2 reg season finish) and/or winning 3 or all of them. But Never less than 8-4, because the Irish Defense should crack some skulls. So, for this, year, realistically, we are looking at 8-4, because we don't have a seasoned quarterback. If this were 1974 - three yards and a cloud of dust - things would be different.

    D) If Tommy Rees is under center for the first game, I think I will turn off the TV. Nothing against Tommy - sincerely - but the Irish need a playmaker at QB. If Golsen is a "headcase," as you put it, then start Kiel and have him run it all the time. If Kiel gets hurt, put in Golsen or Hendrix. What have we got to lose? We'll be 8-4 with Rees anyway.

    E) I don't think Mike Coffey was whining, as one comment indicated. I agree with Mike. We've had 20 years of mediocrity, and I am siding with the part of the fan base that says we have to win now.IF Golsen is a "headcase," who recruited him? That would be BK. If we don't have a proven QB in year 3, whose fault is that? Argh! It all falls on BK. He should have taken his lumps in year 1 with Hendrix or someone else (not Rees, Maybe Crist) instead of playing not to lose with Rees.

    F) And then there's Michigan. Ah, Michigan. They will be fired up beyond belief. They'll either be on a high from beating Alabama or ticked off from losing and ready to kick our butts. I HATE playing against Denard Robinson because the game will ultimately fall on his shoulders to win or lose for Michigan.

    Go Irish. Get angry, get fired up, get mean.

  6. Maybe the comment of "headcase" is a little too strong. I think Golson has plenty of upside and what's best about him is that he's a competitor with athletic ability, meaning he can make things happen. As a senior in High School, he threw one interception. So far in training camp, he's only thrown one interception. If he's one turnover a game, I think we can easily overcome that. 10-2 doable, 9-3 likely, 8-4 a disappointment.

  7. really? you removed my original comments? this show is terrible.


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