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The toughest ticket in BCS history.

Orange bowl chair confirms BCS Championship unlike any other. The Irish vs. Alabama is one made for the history books.


  1. I'm looking for tickets too. My dad JUST told me last night if I can get tickets for 399/ticket or less he'll buy them and pay our travel expenses. I told him dream on...but...I'm looking for someone like your family member that is old and doesn't want to go (or can't) and would want the ticket to go to a huge ND fan that will make lots of noise and represent ND well.

  2. Good show guys. Even though it makes it difficult for many people to go to the game (including me - as my name is not on a building and the lottery is weighted according to your "relationship" with the University), I am glad tickets are in such high demand because it is just so great for ND to be back in the spotlight. I sure hope the national press gives ND the proper recognition it deserves leading up to the bowl for being number 1 both on the field and for graduation rates. That is truly 'astounding' and needs to be trumpeted by the national media as what is good about collegiant sports. Besides that, I just want some of that kool-aid that Mike Coffey is drinking - where can you get that at? Not to get political - but I'll bet Coffey was buying Dick Morris' prediction for a Romney landslide. ND does have a good chance, but even if we are playing well, Bama is a darn good team and Kelly will play it pretty close to the vest, which will keep the game close. I hope you plan on doing at least one show every week leading up to game - need to feed the anticipation.

  3. Yeah I chuckled when I heard Coffey’s prediction. It was not that many weeks ago that he was basically accusing Notre Dame’s administration of being incompetent for hiring Kelly, saying they should have hired Stoops and that Kelly was no where near elite coaches like Stoops and Saban. And now he’s got Kelly winning the National Championship by beating Saban by at least 14 points, to go along with his 17-point victory over Stoops! Perhaps he’s compensating for being late to jump onto the back of the bandwagon by trying to scurry to the front of it. :-)

    That’s okay, but what makes you cringe is to hear Coffey’s whining about his expectation that Te’o will not win the Heisman. First, a news flash, Te’o can still win the award. And if he does not win, Coffey should take note of how well you can bet that Te’o will handle it. Coffey should strive to emulate the class that Te’o certainly display – win or lose.

    Describing Manziel as having a “douchey” name, blaming ESPN for Te’o losing and saying that you are angry that the Heisman voters would be so “stupid” as to vote for the Texas A&M QB does nothing but fuel some of the negative stereotypes out there of Notre Dame graduates and fans. The very strong Heisman bias in favor of quarterbacks and running backs has been around a lot longer than ESPN and did not arise because Notre Dame has a strong candidate on defense. ESPN’s Mel Kiper spoke out against that bias on ESPN radio today and said Te’o should win, and he was speaking to Notre Dame graduate and ESPN radio personality Mike Golic. Of course ESPN has Lou Holtz as well. Fortunately, Notre Dame has plenty of classy people out there to offset the whiners who detract from the school’s image.

  4. CTND

    Let it go Bud. Drink some decaf

  5. "Drink some decaf"

    So you're saying I have had too much of the regular Coffey?

    Probably right.

  6. Good Summary of the Coffey Beaner.... He's too busy focusing on trying for the Guiness World Record for most annoying Advertisement pop up videos on the ND Nation website. Mike B. summed the game up nicely that it will come down to how well Golson can NOT make key mistakes in the game. My prediction, ND will thrive on being the underdog.

  7. Alabama vs ND will not come down to any ONE thing that is easily highlighted as a big event. Sure there will be key plays and dramatic events. But ND will try to do its bend and not break between the 20s and limit Lacy's North/South speed and keep them from too many 3rd and shorts. Sure, Diaco will dial up his 2 or 3 times a game CB or S blitz. And we'll see what happens. In exchange, ND will try to do the same things that got them here, only a bit better. Little things like improving Golson's timing on the Eifert fade routes in the EZone or some such improvement.

    1) Within a TD either way
    2) that the CTND guy who must be a per word publisher somewhere will have something wonderfully complimentary to say about Mike Coffey within days of this post.

  8. "CTND ... will have something wonderfully complimentary to say about Mike Coffey"

    Hmmmmm .... I'll give it a shot.

    For someone who knows less than nothing about football - Coffey occasionally makes a correct observation about ND football on Dome and Domer - usually as a result of his agreeing with something that Mike or Ed has said.

    How's that?

  9. I live 40 miles from Sun Life stadium. Trust me: the best view to watch the Irish beat 'Bama is at home on your big screen. Only games at USC's coliseum are worse for tailgating.

  10. Hey fellas, been listening to you guys since some time in the dark ages of the Charlie Weis era. I was in the middle of a work up to deploy to Afghanistan at the start of the season and fell behind in listening. Catching up has been the most enjoyable part of the long wait till the big game. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to listen to the preview show, if you do one, and the victory show! GO IRISH!

  11. What's up Mike? Dec. 31 and no follow up podscasts! Hope your Christmas was Merry and wishing you and your family Blessings in the New Year, but you guys need to get busy and feed us something to chew on.


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