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Pitt aside, season not all that bad

Impressive performance against BYU after falling out of the BCS picture. How critical is Stanford and what is the state of the program?


  1. First of all any of the ND coaches after Holtz except Kelly would have lost the BYU game. The ND community has to be very happy to have Kelly.
    But presently the biggest threat to ND is the ACC officials. They seem to have a poor mental attitude in regards to ND. The 6 pass interference calls against ND in the Michigan game and the big Tuitt bogus call in the Pitt game (ACC officials were upstairs also to confirm the targeting call). These kind of calls affect the psyche of the team and cause poor play. Hell with Golson, ND wins the Pitt game with any officials except the ACC officials! The Stanford game will have ACC officials on the field and you guys don't think that will be a factor? Lucky that ND will have at least Pac 12 officials up in the booth. I do believe Kelly is one coach who sees what is going on and is probably causing some strain in ND's new ACC relationship because of this. I hope I am wrong but ND is in for a lot of losses next year when the majority of games will have ACC officials both on the field and up in the booth.

  2. From what I heard (I didn't watch the game) the ACC officials were very good yesterday, maybe a little biased towards ND. I would think Kelly had a hand in this. He seems to know what needs to be done and something needed to be done about the ACC officiating. Past coaches did nothing. My son said I would have liked the game because it was the ND team that lost (Rees) and not the officiating causing the loss. If the ACC officiating stays unbiased next year, maybe ND will beat Florida State.

  3. Those look interesting. Keep posting.



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