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Will leadership show up Saturday?

The team is in dire need of leadership. Quiet leadership hasn't cut it so far. Time for some guys to step it up.


  1. Enjoy your podcast each and every week.. I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving..

    I bet your "lone" Alabama fan should be happy that you had a conversation about them & the Greatest conference ever.. I am glad Alabama won against that tough Carolina team. I was worried. Stepping out of Conference to play North (Whoops), I mean South (Try again), Was it East (Nope), NC State (nope), Oh.. Western Carolina.. Yeah from the southern conference.. Nothing against that fine NC school that gets a half million pay day to pay for their football program this year.. Just awful for the #1 school to not play a power 5 conference.

    Anyway, back to ND.. It is tough year to start 6-0 and looking at a 1-5 finish.. I am hoping we can score against USC as we have to win in a shoot out.. I seems like we can not stop or tackle anyone with younger players.. go Irish!

  2. Look for an absolute shootout. Only chance we have. I expect Kelly to air it out early and often.

  3. Ya, Playing those "Directional Schools" keeps a good team healthy and injury free for the end of the season. At least it was nice to watch Golden Tate, Theo, and Zack Martin perform well yesterday.

  4. Nice to know that i gave you something to talk about on your last show. I know that finding topics to discuss about a program that is stuck in neutral is a challenge. So if yo would allow me to i'll give you a few:

    1) Why does our head coach never take responsibility for losses and throws his players under the bus?

    2) How many Irish fans will travel to the Pinstripe Bowl to watch us play Iowa?

    3) Why hasn't football jesus answered our player to be like Alabama?

    4) Who is our next head coach after coach Kelly leaves for the Florida job?

    I think thats a good start…

  5. Mr. Bama....
    Not sure if I follow you.. you stated.. "How many Irish fans will travel to the Pinstripe bowl to watch us play Iowa?" Who is this "us" you are referring to that will be playing against Iowa?

  6. Go back and read it again son. Didn't you have critical thinking class at Notre Dame? Dang do i have to get all Slugo on you "Mr.Bill?"

  7. Good Morning, Mr. No Name..

    First off - I am not your son.
    Secondly, your post all over the board...

    So, you suddenly become "us" meaning you are part of Notre Dame.

    Did you convert? Are you the same person complaining about this site being "homers" on a Notre Dame Podcast site on 11/14 podcast.

    You need to refresh your memory and you NEED to go back & read prior post as you may have lost your memory in your advance age.

    Part of your first post: ".... how you disparaged the SEC and Tiger Stadium. Then i hear this podcast and its more of the same and i realize you are simply two guys with two mics. You ARE the consummate homers and nothing more. Notre Dame in the SEC is a 3 loss team every year, period." (POST from Nov 14th)

    Now, Fast forward to your recent post on 11/28.. You are using words like.. "our head coach", "watch us", "our players", "our next coach".

    That is why I asked? "us" means you are part of this ND community &/or team. Clearly, you are SEC and/or team specific.

    You got your wish to talk about SEC and Alabama and so forth..I would suggest you to be part of the some sort of SEC board.

    Clearly, you are not part of us.

  8. Son,

    The "us" is your Notre Dame family . The post is about topics for the Notre Dame family for the host of this podcast. I think everybody got that point but you so maybe you are just a fan and not a graduate. Clearly a graduate of Notre Dame would get it. Well maybe you took some online theological courses or small engine repair at a satellite campus but definitely not a ND grad.

    I can assure you that I, like most outside of South Bend dance an Irish jig
    whenever you lose. Im no dancer but I have mastered the jig! I respect the players who give it their all on the field but laugh at the whole "we are ND and we invited football" mantra. What a joke.

    Now go shovel that snow from the side entrance of your parents house where you live and get ready for a beat down from a bad SC team. I won't be watching but I will have my dance shoes on. Roll Tide Y'all!

  9. So much anger..... Did you get banned from the SEC site?

    I feel for you; the so call wise one. I will pray for you, despite your hate.

    I do not understand your need to go to another fan's website to vent your fustration. Truly, you need the help. I am not sure about your confusion on going to this great site (a fan's perspective about Notre Dame football) and vent about why we need to talk about SEC programs. Clearly, you are out of touch.

    Also, as far as your other attack.. You have no clue and I do not need to explain my ties to ND, but clearly my family has been part of this Great University for over Sixty years and in the surrounding community.. Clearly one would understand that ND does more then just play on a few Saturday's over a year. So, whether it was myself or my family; we are very secured in the love for our university and that is greater than any wins or loses.

    We are not perfect, no university is.. But, clearly I would recommend taking your hate and go elsewhere.

  10. Now that was embarrassing. i think you just qualified for the BITCOIN St. Petersburg Bowl. Get those tickets fast! Or not.

  11. Stay Classy my Friend...

    I am glad you made time to check into the ND site for a comment. I hope it was not too much trouble to check in.. I gather you have been banned by many other sites.. If this makes you feel better, then God bless you.

    The good news, the sun will come up tomorrow. Life moves on.. It was an awful lost, but I will remain loyal. Remember, tables will be turned one day.

    Lastly, I have many SEC friends that are good people and know how to win with class. They talk about some losers that have nothing going on in their life and hit all the sites & make comments. They must be talking about you..

  12. Actually Bill you started this whole conversation. I only commented on your comments. And you won't believe it but this site is the only site i've ever commented on. So i'll leave you with your three generations of Notre Dame grads and your shattered dreams of the national championship. Fight on!


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