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Irish Expectations of 2015

As always with Notre Dame, success tends to follow the way of the Quarterback. Is there reason to be optimistic with Malik Zaire at the helm? Is the defense going to make up the difference?


  1. Looks like a pretty good ND team this year. Too bad the ND Administration and Swarbrick have made it almost impossible for ND to get to the playoffs. The ACC needs GT and/or Clemson to win out for the ACC to place a team in the playoffs. The ACC football game officials understand their responsibility especially in regards to the ND games. Navy has cut block for years but in the last few years they seem to be going out of their way to hurt ND players in addition to the cut blocks. Miracles do happen but reality says a typical 8-4 season is more likely than a playoff season.

  2. I think they may surprise people this year. There are always going to be close games that can go either way, but it seems like this year's team is filled with good leadership. That goes a long way toward winning the close games. I'd say 10-2 likely but 11-1 not out of bounds.

  3. 8-4 Season would mean we go 0-4 in our four competitive games - USC, Stanford, GT and Clemson. Sounds like an NDNation guy making that prediction! LOL

    Kelly has had 2 Seasons where he was not saddled with Rees at QB. In 2012 with a freshman Golson - 12-0. In 2014, with a returning Golson, we were a bad call away from starting 7-0 and beating the defending champs on their home field, before suspensions and injuries reduced the defense to the walking dead and Golson and kicking game inexplicably lost it above the shoulders. Still, we bounced back and beat LSU. And yet somehow there is all this pessimism .... I can't wait to read the excuses that the naysayers will dream up this year.

    Kelly likely will get his strongest QB play this year since he's been here, and this could very well be a better defense than 2012. (Pre-Season they are certainly a stronger squad on paper.) 10-2 will be very disappointing and I certainly expect more from this team.


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