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Win and you're in

It's all about Stanford. Can the Irish rally in spite of all the injuries and overcome Stanford? We'll debate.


  1. Nice to have you guys back. Great podcast, good points. Hate the green uniforms. Kazer's first int was because he thought the BC guy was a ND guy because the uni looked like a regular ND uni. I kept thinking the BC team was ND because of the uniforms. If ND uses the green uniforms they should have the offense wear the green uniforms during practice that week. I am going out on a limb because as Kelly would say you never know about 19/20 year olds but I think ND wins by 14.

    1. Ya, wife & I were thinking same thing about the uni's.... that whole trip to Boston was a disaster in my opinion. I dig the whole history thing up there, but First, when will ND learn about the Green uni's .... save them for a Halloween Frat party or burn them permanently. Second, it was one too many road trip's for ND this season - they could have had a proper home game in ND. Instead, they gave the BC bums a 10 minute trip!! The whole ridiculous sideline debacle was also a distraction. The whole added pagentry aspect of the Shamrock series seemed to be just added distractions for the players. The past S.S's games in Chicago and Lucas Oil Stadium were great successes, but this one was a flop for ND. I believe they need a re-think before they give some other team a Free additional home game and put more wear on ND.

  2. I would like to believe that Kizer threw it to the wrong guy, but I think he tried to get too cute and flip it over the BC defender. This is clearly a lack of maturity. As much as it was frustrating to watch the Irish on Saturday, it was probably more frustrating for Brian Kelly since he can't go out there and make plays for the team. Dropped passes, fumbles, misreads, you name it. Very disappointing. HOWEVER, in light of everything, ND is having a great season and a win against Stanford would lock up coach of the year for Brian Kelly, hands down.

  3. Thanks for the podcast...

    Saw this column from Dan Wetzel about ND and joining a conference.

    I thought if we were in ACC this year, we would actually have a lower S.O.S.

  4. The Stanford game should have been advertised as "ND vs. Pac 12 Re-play Booth (w/ Stanford)" because 1) That Standford (non) catch early in game along sidelines - he didn't even catch the ball BEFORE his right toe touched the turf, but the Pac 12 boys upstairs gave him the catch. 2) End of game "TD" at 30 seconds for ND was not really a TD, replay showed butt/lower body hitting turf < ball crosses goal. Play goes upstairs but Pac 12 boys and they say TD. No doubt in my mind, they did so TO GIVE STANFORD THE MAX TIME (30 SECS) TO GET THE BALL AND KICK A FG TO WIN! If they called it no TD, ND would have burned some time, attempting the TD from the 1/2 yd. line. But damn! WHY does the ND defender grab a facemask on such a critical series! We can only imagine how ND would have blown-out Stanford if only half of ND's injuries happened this season. Would like to hear U guys talk about why ND seems to have so many injuries.... are they training incorrectly, diet, potable water supply in S.Bend, etc. Enjoy the show, good to hear U again!!!!!!

  5. I tend to agree about the Pac 12 replay officials. The only argument you can make about not reversing TD by Kizer is that you couldn't actually see the football since his body was blocking it. But it was pretty obvious he was short of the goal line. Anyway, as it turns out, we still would've been shut out of the playoffs based on how things turned out. Another indication that with a 4 team playoff, a one-loss ND team will never get in.


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