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What's fixable and what isn't

Some harsh realities became evident against MSU. Is there reason to believe we'll get better each week or is this team really that bad?


  1. Thank you for bringing up the sacks (lack thereof) right away. That's an amazing stat. The other team is Nevada. Which, of course, means we couldn't even sack each other. I've always prided our Defense (at least in BK 2nd year on) as stopping the run. Granted, Diaco's D got exposed by Navy his first year, but since then teams for the most part can't establish a run game against us. Hell, he did the best job in 2015 of shutting down Christian McCaffery of Stanford!

    I think BVG has been criticized in the past for having a complex defensive scheme. Add to the mix, inexperienced, young (albeit talented) freshman and it becomes a serious issue. But the D line aren't freshman, and get even muster pressure.

    Lastly, we need to point a finger a BK. Calling timeout and then punting! Could he not identify our Offense was finally clicking after a long drought! Then he punts and relies on our lackluster defense. Even MSU QB said afterwards he thought that was a crazy call and told his teammates it was insulting to them (MSU O) that BK thought ND D could stop them.

  2. Damn. Used to take pride in being a fan of a tough hard nosed fundamentally sound football team that brought the hammer win or lose. Now the Irish have become a glorified flag football team that gets pushed around up front. I will always support ND but it just sucks compared to ND football in the Holtz era.


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