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The good/bad of 3-0 Irish this year

Yes, of course, who can complain about being 3-0? But is it an indication that we could go 12-0? Obviously, not the way we got to 3-0. What needs to change at Wake Forest?


  1. Response to QB dialogue: This is a situation that is unprecedented (unique). Wimbush's legs wins games yet we are riding on the hope of him growing into a pocket passer which he is still not going into as a 2nd year starter. Book is younger and less experienced in the system yet is on the rise while Winbush is already proven. Therefore, it must be a tight race and coaches are going with the elder, more experienced, who is electrifying on the run against a less proven talent in Book. BOOK's Win against LSU gave me the same viewing experience of ND vs MI or USC in the 70s and 80s. Thus, I am pro BOOK yet I have to respect I am not at practice like the coaches everyday. Your thoughts?

  2. I do think it's very tight competition between the 2 QB's. In defense of the coaching staff, they obviously believe Brandon gives the better chance to win games, and personally for me, I tend to agree with them. It is really difficult to defend against a running/scrambling QB. If I were Wake Forest, I would shut down the run and contain Wimbush by rushing 3 and dropping 8. Force him to make good decisions and throw into tight spaces. If Wimbush handles this, we're gonna really good.


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