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What exactly is the ceiling for ND?

Can we win a National Championship? Or has the game evolved past us and we simply can't recruit the kind of athletes Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, OSU, etc... can and therefore we're at too big of a disadvantage?


  1. Half time watching the Championship game and seeing Bama down 15. Kind of the same situation as last year with being down 13 to the dawgs. Clemson looks good so far and never count bama out.

    As far as this podcast, I do appreciate the insight. I have heard every podcast (shortly after it was released) since day 1.

    This may be the best the my beloved Irish can be. Unless they change their academic standards.. Reboot Kelly has the program in the right direction.

    Irish were over matched and they came ready to play. Offense struggled to a GREAT D (at least front 7) When healthy, they held Clemson to 10.. One bad 6 minute stretch killed the game..Tillery had that bad penalty that hurt..

    If you look at the last 4 recruiting 247 Five Star recruits.

    GA - 18 (underachievers)
    Ohio St - 12 (the snake retires)
    Clemson - 10
    USC - 10 (poor coaching)

    Irish has 1. Enough said.. We lose Love, and they killed us.. Clemson loses Wilkinson (high school kid from up the road from me in Raleigh area) and still dominated our line.

    Other then our secondary, do you think any of our front line starters start on Clemson. Top 10 players on the field being picked would probably have only Love being selected.

    With the new 4 team play off, it will be extremely hard to win 2 games against teams that have better talent.. If you are a 5 star, do your really want to go through the academics in South Bend..

    Go Irish.. they had a great season.

  2. whoops typo.. watching that imagine dragons while I did my comment.. I meant to say Dexter Lawrence being suspended.. played at Wake Forest high school..

    1. Agree. I do think our Dline was fast and lean, which gave teams fits. Will be interesting to see how they fare next year. I would actually say I feel better having seen what Clemson did to Alabama. Maybe ND wasn't that bad afterall? Like you said, remove that 2 minute stretch and we're in a dogfight with them. Go Irish! We headed in the right direction.

  3. when is the next show? love you guys

  4. 2019 opener in Louisville is getting close! Need a season / game preview - I live in Lou and all I am hearing is Cardinal-centric nonsense! Thanks, love the podcast - GO IRISH


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