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Why this game matters for Ga

Irish need to build momentum for Ga. How you handle New Mexico determines whether you have a shot against Georgia. What do we expect?


  1. The idea that we wouldn’t win at Georgia because of our “psyche” is kind of silly. If we don’t win at Georgia, it’s because we’re playing a distinctly more talented team on their home field.

  2. I'd argue the reason college football is so exciting is because the best team doesn't always win. Emotion kicks in for guys who are 18-22 years old and it can be enough to put you over the edge. Georgia is clearly the better team, but that doesn't always matter. We have a shot.

  3. We are very good on both lines of scrimmage (Georgia)
    This is gonna be a couple heavyweights slugging it out, gotta give ND the advantage up front

  4. I watched Georgia on Saturday and their offense line is better than ND's. Advantage to Ga there. Defensive lines are even in my mind. Nonetheless, should be a good game.

  5. Quarterbacks are even, defensive backs advantage Irish.
    Our offense is explosive, bottom line is were gonna score, I d like to be able to run the ball and keep our defense rested and off the field, either way I really like our chances


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