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ND 2020 something special?

Not a perfect win against FSU, but a win nonetheless. Is the running game as good as the stats say? Offense should overwhelm Louisville.


  1. Thanks guys, wonderful podcast. Its been a tough few weeks without your insight. Go Irish

  2. tough game yesterday, positive were our scoring defense continues to impress me. sometimes you have to win an ugly game. Irish will get things sorted out for the Pitt game Saturday.
    Williams continues to impress me @ running back. Were gonna be fine, I'm not on the gloom and doom wagon (yet)

  3. I missed on my prediction, I still believe in this team, would like to see some of our athletes on the field,
    Why cant Tyree or Austin return punts? Would really help our offense field position with a punt return game. Where is Lenzy? or the frosh Johnson @wideout?

  4. This ND offense is really stacked with athletes everywhere not to mention our offensive line experience.
    only a matter of time before we consistently breakout. we are averaging 33 ppg which is solid

  5. Its my understanding that Mayer, Tyree and Johnson are all on a different special list as true frosh. Lets get all three on the field together,
    as for Austin, he passes the eye test.....appears to be a Tim Brown, Michael Floyd type athlete


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