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Irish ready for Clemson?

Irish on high note entering Clemson game. Can they maintain the momentum they've built? Another recruiting class to celebrate as well.


  1. I'm feeling better about this game than I did when we recorded. Irish 35, Clemson 21

  2. I still believe in this team, we put ourselves in this Alabama situation and I think we will play well

  3. Missed you guys last few weeks, I can't explain what happened in the Clemson game. Hopefully we can meet up in the finals and take the national championship

  4. Can we stop Alabama s rushing attack?
    If we can we have a chance,.

  5. Bama is favored by 20. Does anyone think we have a chance?
    It's gonna be really hard to win 2 games but for some strange reason I totally think ND get this thing done this hear

  6. Hope you three had a wonderful Christmas! I really appreciate your work throughout the season, and look always look forward to listening to your reporting.
    Hope all three of you have a very blessed 2021

  7. The 20 point underdog role will be tough to overcome but we have an outstanding offensive line and I still believe we can take them with the correct scheme,
    It's imperative we win the turnover margin and need to run the ball which we are certainly capable of accomplishing,
    I m on the glass is half full side, but we're two hard games from a national title and miracles do happen especially with the Irish

  8. I simply can't believe all the negative chatter we are back in the plqyoffs! This should be a time of celebration not dismay
    Let's get this thing done this year Irish fans get behind the team

  9. Alabama prediction? I got Irish 31-30

    1. I would love to see that. But my mind says 38-27 Bama.


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