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12-0, 10-2, or worse?

After losing 9 starters, why all the buzz that ND could make it back to the CFP again this year? Is that crazy or is there some rational thinking behind this?


  1. I respectfully disagree with the 10-2 season, I agree more with Mike I this schedule is challenging but we are favored in all but one game. My guess is 11-1 and a playoff berth
    My biggest concerns are how quickly the offensive line gels together, along with how healthy we stay
    We may not all realize it but this is a reloading program now
    Enjoy the journey. Really appreciate all your insight each week during the season

  2. As always great analysis. It's so refreshing to see all these kids go to the NFL and here we are excited about a potential great team this year.

  3. If we are indeed really good then teams like Florida St, Virginia Tech and Virginia should not be a threat
    Comes down to four games we need to be prepared and ready
    NC,Whiskey,SC and Cincy
    Does Cincy really recruit anywhere near us?
    We have no excuses to be worse than 10-2 but 11-1 or 12-0 may be our potential
    This team is good and I like the challenge of the schedule but don't see the heavyweights that we have in 22' and 23'

  4. Strengths are the receivers running backs defensive line, linebackers. If the taleted offensive line performs were gonna be really good.

  5. Watching Austin in practice he looks like a combination of Michael Floyd and Tim Brown. Saying a lot but wow does this kid have the a high ceiling.

  6. I expect a blowout during the second half

  7. Is playing at night @VT easier than getting NC @home?
    We better wait a few weeks until we make season predictions.

  8. Desmond Howard said this is a ND program reloading, looks for us to be in the playoffs again

  9. Mike C I would like to hear why it is harder for ND to recruit? I think a program like Nebraska or Wisconsin would be hard to recruit but Notre Dame? I would think it would be easier especially with a sort of built in farm system with all the Catholic secondary schools and potential student internet in ND

  10. We need to fix our open field tackling, and the offensive line is gonna need some time. The talent is obviously everywhere on the field,. We're gonna improve every week
    I m disappointed how our players reacted to some of our success during the game which may of led to our 4th quarter issues
    Kyle Hamilton penalty after a interception really hurt taking us from near midfield and starting at the 30 something and giving us a longer field
    QB and offense looked solid second half but need to run block better which I think will come with time

  11. Florida St will have a nice year, better team than i expected Go Irish

  12. Toledo isn't an average team, favored to win the MAC have beaten schools like Penn St Michigan, Purdue and Minnesota in past years

  13. Love you guys,. Thanks so much for these podcasts.
    They make the games more enjoyable having your insight prior.


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