Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Can the Irish Defense slow down the prolific USC offense?

Notre Dame needs to contain Caleb Williams. The defense slow down the USC Offense adn keep the score in the low 30's??


  1. Excellent insight. Thanks guys

  2. Egg bowl will be interesting, as is the Mich/tOSU game
    ND /SC series is interesting with the streaks. SC had their winning in the 60s and 70s. Holtz /ND run in 80s and 90s Pete Carroll s run and now ND s run again. It will be interesting to see if ND can keep the current success with SC.

  3. I am frustrated with the play vs SC. We looked confused defensively, and they were more physical.
    I thought Drew had an really good game, our defense just wasn’t as good as their offense

  4. Why are ND fans always so hard on our quarterbacks? What more do fans expect from Drew? He gave his heart in the game and performed outstanding
    Our society always wants more.

    1. Pyne was only 23/26 for 318 yards, I understand what your saying, but some don't feel like he can win against elite teams

  5. Watching the game, Lincoln Riley has a different approach to football coaching. His offense is diverse and attacks in space, schematically it looked like he is in a different level from us offensively. Beating them the past 6 years it now looks obvious this SC program is gonna go back to the top again quickly

  6. I m starting to wonder if Drew Pyne is being totally underrated.
    Not getting any reps in August and thrown into an 0-2 team in September.
    Now everyone thinks he s the problem when he is the one that saved us this year from a disaster