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Irish deliver in the clutch to put away Duke

Louisville is undefeated and will challenge an emotionally drained ND team. Can the Irish rise again?


  1. Awesome analysis, Best show ever!

  2. I really think the best three defenses we will see this year are in the past. . Duke and Ohio state are really good on D. NC State also excellent, .
    Irish will bust out this week. Unless we turn it over or have some fatigue it won’t be close.

  3. I respectfully disagree on the offense being vanilla, We just went against two of the best defenses in the country. Special ND team here, Scheduling isn’t great but this team has a lot going for it, We can run the ball and defense is playing better than most realize.

  4. We are a tired football team.
    Not sure how to remedy the 4 weeks vs ranked teams.
    I think we can still be a respectable year
    We lost a game let’s not lose a team.

  5. It’s hard to pinpoint, but we typically have a game every year where we get our ass kicked and it’s puzzling.
    How do we outplay Ohio state then get kicked in the teeth vs a team like Louisville? Smash Clemson last year and get beat up by Marshall?

  6. With north Louisville and ND having bye games 10/21 would it if made sense to play that weekend?
    Gotta tip your hat to Louisville, they outplayed us, I just think it would of made for better planning taking a bye prior to SC and with midterms

    1. Your comments make sense. (In hindsight)

  7. Irish are favored by 2.5 vs SC.
    I think the over under is close to 60.
    These guys are bad on defense yet prolific on offense. Similiar to Louisville but with NFL talent.

  8. Not sure what had happened to our offense, Seems to be a consistent issue in big games. Hope we can eliminate turnovers and score some points. We’re gonna need them with SC s prolific offense. This team (SC) is built to hang 40 a game on teams

  9. Irish favored by 20 over Pitt
    They seem to be able to stop the run usually, We should win like 27-10


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