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Irish navigating the new era of College Football

Freeman may be a relatively inexperienced head coach, but he's navigating the new era of college football flawlessly. Notre Dame is in a much better spot because of him.


  1. I hope your right about our offensive scoring, with 8 starters out and our offensive coordinator off to greener pastures I m concerned.
    Especially with their defensive front.

  2. Thanks guys, Great year with all your work with the season previews.

  3. I didn’t expect Irish to score 40
    Nice prediction guys.

  4. Watching the game it’s obvious our depth played a factor in the game. Marcus putting together depth and development everywhere, our backups look as good as the starters,
    Was a really nice year, 2024 looks promising

  5. Texas AM could be the start of something special in 24’.
    Marcus seems to have such a passion for Notre Dame has such combined with high energy and work ethic


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