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ND and Michigan both 0-2. Who wins?

Who has the edge in a game like this? Could this be the Irish's first win?


  1. Wow, Ed is the pessimist - Michigan 28-10. I can see why you think Michigan will win, but I don't think we're going to get another double digit loss. Also, you mentioned the experience of Michigan - they had almost as much turnover as ND - especially with Henne out.
    As for backs, you guys and everyone else is ignoring Junior Jabbie. I agree that Allen should get some significant carries because he has the break-way threat, but we also need a reliable back that we can count on for 4 or 5 yards a crack. Jabbie only has one carry, but that was for 5 yards (no one is close to his average) and if you watched him in the Blue-Gold game he looks for the hole, but is still moves forward and runs hard. Hey, Lou wouldn't have run him so many times if he didn't see something in him. Thomas is useless and Aldridge still hasn't shown anything either. Schmidt should be getting reps instead of Schwapp because he at least can be an outlet to throw to.

  2. For the most part, I think you'll see several different backs carry the ball for us over the next several games. Until one clearly emerges, it's run by committee. As for Ed, now you know why he doesn't get invited to any ND football parties...


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