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Penn State Pre-Game Show

Do the Irish have a chance? Is this a no-lose or no-win situation?


  1. Dome, Domer, and Domerer,
    Isn't the fact that Clausen is starting an indication that Weis has given up on this season?
    Mike, 6-7 wins? what are you smoking? Not this year. I should have had my son do his study-abroad this year rather than next

  2. Domer-er,
    If ND had as many dumb (dome?) penalties under TY that they have had in the last two weeks, what woul dyou be saying about the coach?

  3. Your first fault is to compare Ty and Charlie, there is no comparison. Secondly, you have to take into consideration the youth of this football team, hence the penalties. I agree, penalties are a direct result of coaching, in most cases, but it's a bit early in the season to hang that on the coaching staff.


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