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"Go ahead, get your laughs in now."

Irish land 5 star wide receiver, Michael Floyd, following USC debacle. It's simply a matter of time.


  1. "Go ahead, get your laughs in now."

    The perfect comment for the coach to make - he's pissed and so are a lot of people. There are many ND haters out there and the coach was addressing them - this is your time so go for it, because it won't last too much longer. The fact that the Irish got a committ from a 5 star wide receiver says it better than anything can.

    This will pass

    BTW - I am also a New England Patriots fan, so I don't feel THAT bad.

    Prediction - the USC loss string will end in L.A., where it should and wouldn't it be interesting if they switched the SB game fo November instead of October?

  2. I think all ND fans share that sentiment. We will rise again...and I still think Charlie will be the guy to do it.

    SC in South Bend in November would be wonderful...but they will never agree to it.

  3. Gentlemen,

    Once again awesome show... it's just too bad there is hardly ever any good news when it comes to the games.

    For me the biggest concern is how obvious it is that nothing on this team seems to work right all at the same time. I just don't understand how our wide receivers never get open while our opposing teams receivers normally have no one within miles of them. Not only that but we catch NO breaks at all either. Whether it's a freak punt bounce ball hitting someone in the back or our punters knee hitting the ground something always seems to go wrong for this team.

    Another thing is how awesome people perform against us/how great we make them look. All year USCs receivers have been dropping the ball and just like every other year in recent memory they are making circus like catches look routine. Mark Sanchez looked horrible last week and thanks to our D he looks like a heisman candidate. Those are only a few examples but we all know there is plenty more to choose from.

    I really do believe in a few years we will be where we need to be and the fact that getting a 5 Star recruit after getting plastered shows how well Charlie can recruit. My only question is with the long break because of the bye week do you think it would be a surprise if anyone else decides to leave the program? Oh and one more thing I don’t know if any of you got to catch the game on TV but with all of the Pete Carrol commentaries and stories they did about USC it really felt like I was watching a channel with a Southern Cal TV Contract… really kind of sickening.

    10/27/07 - Finally a Saturday we can enjoy without a Notre Dame loss!

  4. There have been some rumors about a WR leaving the's from Brammer's source so I'm skeptical. Stay tuned on that one.

    It is unbelievable how we are bad at everything. Either the coaches got stupid overnight or it is a reflection of playing too many young and / or inexperienced guys. I don't believe they got stupid overnight. Don't get me wrong, you can't give the staff a free pass on this, but you also can't win with this many inexperienced guys. It is not a coincidence that some of the "talking heads" on TV predicted an 0-8 or 1-7 start for this team.

    Let's close this mess out with 4 straight Ws and get ready for better things in 2008!

  5. The only positive to this whole season is the recruiting class (they haven't defected - so far). But Uncle Max I find it is extremely unlikely those incoming freshman are going to help enough next year for us to beat USC. This team has beat the optimism out of me, and I'm at a point that I won't believe they'll turn it around until I see it.

  6. Mike--I appreciate your positive, mature attitude. It wearies me (yes, even more than watching us lose) to hear ND fans call for Charlie's head on a plate. I say show some class and (especially given his stellar recruiting, incredible work ethic, and love for ND) give the guy a chance to get four recruiting classes of his own in there and see what he can do.

    I was with a group of guys from LA today, and after shaking their heads about ND getting skunked, they shrugged it off and said ND will be back soon--and they hadn't followed either Weis' or Carroll's comments. It's a shame that our rivals are more cool-headed and reasonable about the future of ND football than many of our own fans.

    Charlie didn't get bad all of a sudden. This season is a going through that has to be gone through. Once the great talent he has grows and conditions a bit more, gets more talented depth backing them up, all of a sudden Charlie with "become" the great coach he is.

    And for the record, we're still ahead in the series, we still had the longest single streak of domination, and until they beat us 51-0 at home, we've got them there, too.

  7. Thanks for the feedback...Those milestones vs. Southern Cal brought a smile to my face. Go Irish!


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