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Is there a QB controversy brewing?

Sharpley played well, but did Jimmy play that bad? Does it really make sense to switch to Sharpley now?


  1. There should not be a QB controversy, but unfortunately the seeds for it were sown last season. As I mentioned in a previous post, Charlie did not properly prepare Sharpley last year with sufficient playing time to take over for Quinn if he got injured and to take over this year. I am not on the dump Charlie bandwagon and still support him, but he blew this one and hopefully is smart enough to learn from his mistakes. He assumed that spring and summer would be enough time to groom a QB. In his arrogance, he overestimated his ability to get a new QB ready. The result was that Sharpley was only allowed to throw a total of 2 passes all last year, which is simply riduclous. He should have been given some meaningful playing time instead of 20 minutes of run out the clock garbage time. Clearly, there were games against the academies, NC, Stanford or even the blow outs to USC, Michigan, or LSU where he could have been inserted earlier. If he had, he would have most likely been the clear starter against Georgia Tech and the Jones debacle/spread experimentation could have been avoided. Jones could have been used on a more limited basis to take advantage of his skills without wholesale change of the offense. Then if Sharpley struggled, Clausen or Jones could have been worked in when more ready instead of throwing them to the wolves early on. If Charlie had gone this route, I am convinced that the team would be ahead of where it is now, and Jones might still be here.

  2. Claussen is clearly the better QB, at least at this stage of the season. Sharpley has played well, obviously the second half against Purdue. That being said, had Sharpley played more last year, I don't think this team would be any different than 0-6 right now. There are a lot of other problems much bigger than the QB position right now. Claussen was 18-26 when he was pulled from the Purdue game. Tough to call that not deserving of keeping his starting postion. Weis has made it clear that he's the better QB in practice, as of now. The controversy was instigated by Andre Ware, with absolutely no merit to his arguments. He was clearly just trying to start something.

  3. Freudian slip in the previous comment. As of now, we're 0-5, woops.


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