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Big win for the Irish over Kansas State.

This time, game doesn't escape us down the stretch. Harangody comes up big.


  1. Good show guys I just have a couple comments/questions for you.

    1) I am just curious as to why you don't like Dicky V baby! I know he is an annoyance sometimes but it ALWAYS seems like he supports the Irish, the football team most specifically. He said twice that I can recall that Charlie needs to recruit Harangody to play tight end and take Carlson’s spot at Tight End U, which I found funny. And he even said the old slogan we've heard this year that the ND haters should get last season out of their system because Coach Weis is bringing us back to the top. Also if I recall correctly, didn't both of his daughters go to ND and I think one of his son-in-laws played football for us? They also ran a screen that showed when the football has bad years the b-ball team seems to have great seasons… after this year we should at least get a final four appearance right? Just curious I give Dick the benefit of the doubt and lump him into our ND family.

    2) After a while I too got scared every time TJ touched the ball it does seem like he is trying to do too much, I think once he finds his groove though he'll be fine.

    3) Coach Weis has said he is taking the recruits coming in for the banquet to the game on Saturday as we defend the Joyce for the record. I think it will work awesome for our recruiting efforts, what about you guys?

    4) And lastly, I read an article about President Bush contacting Coach Weis about joining The President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities. I find that in itself an awesome accomplishment for him. Do you think he will do it and if so, do you think it will take too much time away from coaching?

    Thank for your time guys!


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