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New Coach at Michigan. Weis lands another top recruit.

What effect does it have on the Irish with Rodriquez now at Michigan? Irish land another top offensive lineman.


  1. I would love to listen to this podcast but the host continuously interrupts his guests when they answer the questions he asks. This could almost be a drinking game - drink everytime the moderator interrupts w/in 10 seconds of asking a question.

    Love the topic, hate the way it's discussed.

  2. Well now, in the immortal words of Dana Carvey, "Isn't that special". Point well taken. In all seriousnous, Mike as the moderator is constantly concerned with moving the show along since we're limited to 15 minutes. But in response to your request, we'll make an effort to limit the "cutting off" as much as possible. Thanks for the feedback.


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