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Irish finally get a road win. Can they win 12 in the Big East?

McAlarney, Harangody light up Nova. Is 8-4 over the last 12 conference games realistic?


  1. I enjoy the show. Good length, good opinions, etc. But, please fix your audio. I don't know if it's a matter of some voices just naturally being louder than others, or if it has to do with your microphones, but Mike Sullivan is always much, much louder than whoever else is on the show that day. In addition to the volume, Sullivan can be a little overbearing. He needs not to be so quick to interrupt and contradict. I know being argumentative is a hallmark of sports talk radio, but it's a more enjoyable show if everyone gets his say, and isn't loudly interrupted and contradicted mid-stream.

  2. Dittos on the audio. There is always some difference in the audio level between the commentators, but this week was really bad. It really makes it a pain to have to keep adjusting the volume depending on who's talking and you either have to go back or you miss some points.

  3. Fellas, sorry about the quality. We knew we had a problem and it had to due with Skype, which is what we use to do this. We didn't have time to re-record it, sorry about that. Shouldn't be a problem in the future.


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