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Irish Recruits Shine in All-Star Game. Bball looking like Big East Contenders.

They're young, they're inexperienced, but the incoming class of 2008 is definitely talented. Irish basketball jump to 2-0 in the Big East.


  1. Just wanted to let you guys know that Dome and Domer has a cult following in New Mexico. I hope the class holds together.
    Go BIG RED

  2. Hey Dirt! Thanks for the feedback...Hope all is well.

    Sully and Bram

  3. Great show guys, but I disagree a little bit about the analysis of Brey's performance. I agree that he has done a great job the last two years, and I credit him greatly for making postitve changes, but there was a time when I was ready to get rid of him. During Chris Thomas' last 2 years, he did a terrible job. He let Thomas run the team and would not sit him down no matter how many hurried bad shots, turnovers, or lousy defense he committed. Plus, since he never took him out, Thomas always got tired at the end of games and even got worse when he had no legs under him. It was so bad that it looked like Thomas had black mail on him or something. At the time his excuse was, that he didn't have anyone else to play point. We know that was bogus as Quinn showed he was more than capable the next year and Quinn made it to the NBA and of course to no one's surprise but his own, Thomas did not. He also let Thomas and Latimore ruin the chemistry of that team that got beat by Holy Cross in the NIT. The attitude of that team was beyond horrible. Then in Quinn's senior season, the attitude was much better and the team played hard, but several of those close losses fall directly on Brey's shoulders. There were several games that ND was down in the second half and rallied to take the lead and then Brey would go into a stall mode with 3 to 4 minutes to play. Of course, this totally changed the rhythm of the game and ND would lose the lead again. And if we needed a basket to tie or win in the last minute, instead of working for a shot, Quinn would hold the ball by half court and then try to throw up a runner, which never went in, as the clock was winding down. So although I think Brey is/has done a great job the last 2 seasons, let's not try to sugar coat that there was some bad coaching going on before that. I am just happy that he was willing to change, and I am behind him fully now.

    Go Irish, beat Marquette!

  4. In response to the reference to Brey as a "great coach", I'll agree we got a little carried away there. Easy to do with the big win over UConn. I tend to agree, Brey was a bit iffy after the first couple of years, but I really think he's made some great adjustments the last 2 years and it's obvious. We're more physical, we play better defense, we win games at the end, etc... Will he ever get us to the Final Four? Jury's still out on that... but Digger only did it once and I really think Brey's best years are ahead of him.


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