Sunday, February 10, 2008

Revenge for Irish as they beat Marquette at home. Weis turns over the reins.

Irish win huge game at home as they head down the stretch. Weis gives up play calling for 2008 season.

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  1. Great win for Mike Brey and the boys! Let's get UConn on Wed.!

    In regards to the changes made by Charlie, I think these are great signs of Weis's development as a college coach. In my opinion, these changes once again show that Charlie Weis is a smart guy who recognizes the need to be self critical when you don't have the success you expect to have.

    With these moves, Weis has addressed many if not all of the criticisms the ND fan base voiced throughout the dismal 2007 season.

    1. Weis can't relate to college guys.

    Based on Charlie's comments in the press conference, it seems that he wants to spend more time developing and motivating the young guys on this team. If that means he has to give up some of the game planning responsibilities, so be it.

    2. Weis is arrogant.

    Many people have this impression of Charlie. I think the changes he is making suggest otherwise. His willingness to publically take responsibility for mistakes says a ton about his character. Giving up the play calling and admitting that he has stifled input from the assistant coaches would suggest that his ego isn't getting in the way of the health of the football team.

    3. The offensive play calling is "too cute".

    While I'm sure Charlie will be "making suggestions" from time to time, Mike Haywood will now be calling the plays. Haywood will also have a greater role in developing the game plan as well as scripting and scheduling the offensive practices. I'm very excited and optimistic about this change. I am hopeful that this could result in the offense developing a commitment to technique, fundementals, and toughness instead of scheme. I would rather we out execute and out physical the opponent instead of "out - scheming" them. Charlie stepping aside could be the first step in this. And if this happens, I'm guessing John Latina will "suddenly" become a good OL coach again!

    3. Special Teams are a nightmare.

    I have no idea if Brian Polian is a good football coach or not. I'm willing to trust Charlie's assessment of that. I do like the idea of having a dedicated special teams coach with no other responsibilities. That, in combination with the influx of young talent should create great competition for playing time on special teams. Oh, by the way, the head coach is taking an active role in special teams. That can't hurt, either.

    Overall, 2008 should be exciting! The schedule is favorable, necessary changes have been made, and great additions to the coaching staff and roster have been finalized. No more excuses!

    We need to get it done in 2008..

    8-4 or better!