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Do or die for the Irish as 'Cuse comes to town.

Must win for ND and Weis. No doubt about it.


  1. I think you are still missing the point of the officiating. The ND players are seeing it, they know they go into an unfair situation each week with officials that are against them, and then the media doesn't even talk about it. This is psychologically pulling the ND team down. The beautiful catch last year in the Stanford game, the out of bounds catch and the 4th time out in the Navy game last week. It has been going on for years. I have been watching the holding this year very closely. The officials hold ND to a different standard in regards to offensive line holding. ND and Weis can't complain publicly, but the ND press like you guys can start making a big deal about it and you don't.

  2. I do agree with you in that the offensive holding calls against us this year have been horrendous. A couple of them have been huge calls that were critical. We've actually thought about adding a segment to game analysis that includes "bad calls". Maybe we'll go ahead with that.


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