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Irish win ugly

The good, the bad, and the ugly of the Irish win over Navy. What's to come?


  1. My first home game in 10 years—and my 12-year old son’s first game ever.

    We live in Atlanta and are driving up—my son has seen them vs. Ga Tech and Vanderbilt, but it’s his first trip to the promised land.

    A few questions: is the pep rally worth it? NDNation has been giving it a hard time… we’d have to leave at 5 in the morning, but will do it if it’s worth it.

    Also, do you guys do a tailgate meet-n-greet? Love to buy you both a beer... I understand that’s still legal at ND, for now.

    Can’t wait—and feel free to clue me in on any other must-do things (besides the regular Grotto, Band concert, Team Walk, etc.)

    Shaun Heneghan
    Class of “Couldn’t get in”

  2. Sean,
    The pep rally might be fun for your 12 year old. Given that we are 6-4 and the opponent is Syracuse, it won't be a great atmosphere but for a 12 year old, it should work.

    No tailgating for any of us this weekend. Sorry about that!

    The Joyce Center has some activities set up for interactive fan stuff before the game. Other than that, I think the activities you listed on campus are the things to focus on.

    Have fun.

    By the way, how did an Irish Catholic name like Heneghan not get into ND?

  3. Mike,

    Thanks so much for the advice, and sorry we can't grab a drink together. Let me know if you ever come down to Atlanta.

    Apparently, admissions have this thing about grades...

  4. Well, they didn't when I applied... :) That of course was 1986 when 3.4GPA, blue collar Catholics, could still get into ND. Unfortunately, that's not a possibility anymore.


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