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Enough with the Billboard! ND vs. Nevada

Forget the Billboard, the Fighting Irish open with a stiff test in Nevada. Will the program show improvement, or are we in for a long season once again?


  1. Love the guest commentary by Ed Jordanich. Originally thought Ed was the "Domer" part of the duo until I checked the bio's. Ed, drop the guest role, work on the vocals, and submit your bio - expect there to be some mention of sports experience to include Commissioner of Pru Metuchen Hoop league. Found myself entranced in my PC - thought it was Ed's Chris "Mad Dog" Russo voice, but then realized I also had the Erin Andrews website up. Having listened to this podcast, I can honestly say that these two lunatics, I mean fans, are ready for the season, just hope your team is ready.


    EaSt Coast recruiting coordinator for ND
    Gregg Wheatley

  2. Good podcast. The offensive and defensive lines are key along with Charlie's offensive play calling. Everyone at ESPN has picked Nevada over ND except Lou. Last year nobody picked San Diego State over ND, even Mark May. Nevada may be coming in way over confident, I think this may be a good sign. I hope fall practice wasn't the best part of this ND football season like it was the last two years. Go Irish!!!


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