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Hold on, the season isn't over yet.

Yes, the Irish gave one away in Ann Arbor, but is it realistic to think we were going to finish undefeated this year? Big question now is, how will this team respond?


  1. Hey guys. Glad to be listening again this season. Thanks for doing the podcast.

    I don't mean to bring up sore subjects, but could you talk briefly about the last few minutes of the 4th quarter? I was wondering why Weis was throwing the ball on offense instead of running to kill the clock a bit or at least force Michigan to use a couple of their time outs?

  2. Well, here's the way I see it:

    1) Allen was hurt and not in the game.
    2) Jonas Gray had recently fumbled and was in the doghouse.
    3) Aldridge was not available to play.
    4) Riddick is only a freshman and I'm guessing Weis thought that wasn't a good situation for him.
    5) Weis is so confident in his passing game that he prefers it more than the run.

    Problem is Floyd was out due to injury as well so you have to ask yourself, why more confidence in the backup receivers as opposed to the backup running backs, who knows?

  3. My question is why Shaq Evans? Not that he is not a good talent, but he is a Freshman. Why not Robby Parris, Duval Kamara, Barry Gallup? Someone that has been running these routes for more than 3 months?

  4. I don't think it was b/c AA was hurt that he didn't run, but it was becuase he had 8 in the box, and lots of confidence in the passing game. I also think CW had more confidence in his O's ability to move the chains than his D's ability to stop em.

    Maust's punt did not help AT ALL!

  5. I just hope the team learns from this and doesnt feel sorry for itself and go into the tank, which is what I think happened last year after the tough losses to UNC and Pitt. I still love the talent and potential on this team and I still think we can have a great season and even beat USC. They need to come out fired up and ready to destroy Michigan St Saturday. Go Irish

  6. I agree with this all. Not sure about the Shaq vs. Riddick but the other thing is that Parris was open in the middle as well. Sucks... I like the team and if team leadership is any good, I anticipate a strong performance on Saturday.


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