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Disappearance of Crist leads to loss.

Irish played well enough to win, just didn't get it done. Can they rebound in time to face MSU on the road?


  1. One ND writer actually said that Michigan scored 21 of their points when Crist was not in the game! What?? Didn't Michigan score ALL their points when Crist wasn't in the game? Unless Crist plays defense.

  2. A few comments:

    1) I agree that Kelly totally blew it by taking the 3 points before halftime. ND needed something postitive to end the half. Kelly can now add Rule No. 50 to his list of 49 from 20 years of coachuing experience: "When you have been struggling all half to get anything postive to happen with your backup quaterbacks, take the 3 points when the opportunity arises." Note you suggested that Kelly may have thought he needed a touchdown because he wasn't sure if Christ would be back in the second half. I was watching the sidelines and it was pretty clear that Christ was going to be back in. He was riding the bike and throwing crisp passes before the half. It looked like he might even come in for the last possession before half.

    2) This game gave me another reason to get upset at Charlie all over again. Although he generally recruited well, it was negliegent to only sign 2 quaterbacks (Clausen and Christ)in 3 years.

    3) Just once I would like to see a QB of ND's opponent not have the game of his life against the Irish!

  3. I agree about Tom Hammond. I always think he's got a sipper with him up in the booth.

    dayne has the talent, but he needs to work on his touch passes.

  4. ANDY......REALLY????? ND had Crist for the opening drive and scored. He goes out INJURED and MI scores 21 w/2 turnovers by ND's true freshman and a walk on. Being you think the score would have been 21-7 at half. I think not. I think the outcome would have been different.
    I agree that you kick a field goal at the end of half. HE WENT FOR IT WITH A WALK-ON QB. Kick a field goal and then you kick one at the end of the game 42 or 43 yards and win or maybe lose. At least you would have had a better shot at it then throwing the ball to the MI band!!!!!!

  5. When Kelly talks about execution, I believe he means his QBs at the end of the half and the end of the game throwing the ball over the end zone. The easiest throw for a QB and ND QBs couldn't do it. Hopefully ND's QB and head coach can learn from this.

  6. As much as I like to find silver linings in this loss I can't help but be concerned about Kelly's play calling. Bad enough to go for the TD to end the first half, but to go for it with the rookie walk on QB who looked shell shocked the whole time he was in the game? That was a stunningly poor call. Hopefully will not be a pattern for the rest of the year.


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