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What to expect at BC?

Irish in dire need of a win. Is the confidence level where it needs to be?


  1. Kelly's playcalling has taken a real turn for the worse since he has left Cincinnati. His play calling at Cincinnati always had the opposing defense guessing. His playcalling at ND is predictable. Weis' playcalling at New England was excellent. Weis playcalling at KC this year is excellent (KC is 3-0). If Weis called plays at ND the way he is calling plays at KC this year, he would still have the coaching position at ND. Does ND feed dumb pills to their head coaches? What is it that makes the ND head coaches go crazy with their play calling? Add the officiating to the playcalling and you said it, ND is cursed.

  2. I do believe ND is cursed.... the question is why?

  3. cursed?! get a grip guys. come back to us. the better you play, the luckier you get. we're going in the right direction, but curses are just another excuse for poor coaching and poor play.....and we've had both for most of the last 15 years. when we start winning consistently again it'll be because we're good, not because we're getting lucky or because a curse has been broken.


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