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Golson era begins...

ND headed to Ireland but Pinkett creates diversion. We have a game to play Saturday!


  1. Ed,

    AP could have used you to prep him for this radio interview to help him place his words more appropriately, although Im quite sure that not even THAT would have helped him. Pat Forde's article could have been tied in to this chat(check it out). Point is: ND needs to continue to aspire towards attracting the type of athlete that can continue to cultivate an environment like Duke basketball. Tough, accountable, rise in big moments, quality representatives of the University who stay long enough to get their degree. And Mike, as for the "ability" to be a disciplinarian because your backups are able, keep in mind that your principles are defined when things are INconvenient.

    Looking forward to every Saturday this Fall starting with 2 days from now. And while the plays themselves will hopefully be favorable, my nervousness will be equally attached to 11 players in Gold Helmets rising quickly after each whistle. Health will be huge.

    1. Juega, agreed. My point about discipline is that it's effectiveness is greater when the pressure is high because YOU CAN be replaced. We have that kind of talent now. Not always the case in recent past.

      With regard to Pinkett, I clearly am not saying we need thugs or criminals on the team. But the gritty, tough kids Kelly was talking about, is exactly what I think Pinkett meant. I could be wrong, but I'd like to believe Pinkett isn't that clueless to suggest we actually need criminals.

  2. You guys are completely wrong about Pinkett's comments... they were not taken out of context at all. When asked to clarify, during the interview, he "clarified" by saying he wants guys that get suspended. It wasn't taken out of context at all. He specifically stated he wants guys that get in trouble, using examples like underage drinking and bar fights, "because it adds to the chemistry". He said ND is headed in the right direction because we have guys getting suspended. IDIOTIC! Pinkett was completely off-based. His comments were disgraceful and you guys clearly did not listen to the entire interview. Know your stuff before you comment on it. This is officially the last time I listen to your garbage podcast.

  3. MyfightingIrish

    I understand your frustration about Pinkett's remarks. But also, I think these guys do as well, most specifically Ed Jordanik. Ed stated fairly clearly his position (echoed this morning by Kelly in Ireland) that he would like tough, gritty players on the field and gentlemen off of it who steer clear of trouble. Mike was a bit more lax on the matter and tolerant of both Pinkett's remarks and of the possibility of suspensions(especially to #2s and #3s on the depth chat... a point in which as a current coach I wholeheartedly disagree with based on principles).

    Also, try to remember that this podcast is made up of weekend warrior FANS, not professional journalists who have time to invest too indepth into the knowledge. Hopefully, they will not lose you as a listener, but to each his own. Go IRISH !

  4. This Mike guy is dumb as Pinkett! lmao. Ridiculous

  5. I believe Pinkett will be fired by mid-week. His comments were preposterously stupid. If you read between the lines of the radio exec's words (in tandem with Swarbrick's comments), it is 70/30 in my opinion he is gone by mid-week. He is a terrible color commentary guy any way: dull, slow, predictable, banal remarks. And to think - for shame - that the current radio team of Crickster and Pinkett replaced one of the greatest radio teams of all time - Tony Roberts and Tom Pagna. Tony Roberts was fired unconscionable for his age, which is a terrible, terrible blemish on those who made the decision. Roberts have a voice that could make paint drying an exciting experience. Just seek out the radio call for the Harry Oliver kick to beat Michigan('81? 82?) on youtube if you have never heard Roberts' voice. And no, I'm not some old crank pining for the old days. I'm not even 40 yet.

  6. Watch this. These guys are professionals and absolutely nail it.


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