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QB and depth the concerns...

No matter who is earns the starting job, they'll be learning on the job this year, but depth may be a bigger concern.


  1. Hey Guys

    Much better on the audio this week. Even though Ed sounds like he is talking through the same synthesizer as in Peter Frampton's "do you feel like we do", it is 300% better in every way.

    Football. the depth IS an issue an it will be a worry. Luckily, our losses have mostly been the 2s(or lower) on the 2 deep. At certain places, we dont have much more play in the roster and certain key injuries could be critical(I dont want to even say names for fear of jinxing ourselves but we all know who we're referring to). Lets just keep inching our way at full tilt towards week 1 and hope we can stay healthy these next 2 weeks at least.

    And besides, good things can be born out of great controversy.

  2. One other thing. Ed, good point about getting those little boosts here are there (blocked punt, pick 6, long returns, fumbles returned to the red zone or endzone). It is huge and is usually an integral part of any team's championship run. Which is why the saying "you need the ball to bounce your way" unfortunately has true merit.

    One additional note along these lines. One thing that we havent done under Kelly in two years: FAKE A PUNT OR FG. A successful one would also qualify as one of the aforementioned.


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