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12-0 enough for naysayers?

Irish deliver as advertised. Will people come to believe that they can beat Bama?


  1. Good show. I agree 100% with Coffey about the empty backfield on last field goal. I was complaining about it at the time and still think it was dumb move. With the way Riddick was running, I hate to see Kelly out think himself like that. Most decision making has been solid, but give it to the guy who is running like a man possessed or at the very least fake it to him on play action. But will still take the W and shot at a NC. Just hope in that game, we use sound judgment on offense.

  2. Post Miami, pre Stanford, there was public support among "the herd"(not Colin, the general ND public) to get Cierre Wood more reps and certainly carries. I jump to Theo and ND staff defense that Theo is the main man in THIS offense for a variety of reasons. Cierre and GAIII only better Theo in straight line speed, which is not the only graded area. Route running and softness of hands, pass BLCOKING, ball security, make-ya-miss(anke breaking in Theo's case), tackle breaking and falling forward.

    It was a tiring and lonely fight of those message board posters. But, slowly over the games, the noise quieted and came to a screeching halt on Saturday night. Theo is the man. He will be SO missed, but even better, SO remembered.


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