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Can ND beat SEC team?

Irish are never a lock to beat USC, but under current circumstances, should win the game. Can they beat Bama or Georgia for the Title?


  1. So here is something. I've been offered two tickets for the BCS National Title Game should ND win. A friend of my sister has vip tickets with the dolphins and has offered us his tickets only if we use them.

    We're incredibly lucky as we've never been to an ND game, and our first could be the BCS title game. When down in Miami, do they still do a pep rally? We'll only be down for 3 days so not really sure what will happen team related, and how to keep track of events occurring down there.

    Any advice is truly appreciated.

    Canadian Golden Domers

  2. Notre Dame will be an underdog against Alabama, if Alabama can win its remaining games and make it there. I don't think Notre Dame would be (or should be) an underdog to any of the other SEC contenders. I can understand the pollsters voting up all the SEC teams right now in order to ensure that an undefeated Notre Dame must go through the SEC Champion in order to win the National Championship. I think the final Poll should treat the rest of the field more fairly, especially if Notre Dame wins and the SEC champ ends up with two losses.

    Notre Dame would have been better off had either Kansas State or Oregon won in terms of NC opponent, but ... I agree with the sentiment that we go through the SEC champ to get the Title. If we are the best - we'll win. This has all the appearances of being a Season ordained from on High. We'll see. First USC - should not lose that one.

    Dean - hope you can make it and that you have a great time!

  3. Really enjoy the show and I know we are all tremendously excited and I may be acting a bit superstitious here, but are we not putting the cart well before the horse here? USC, even sans Barkley, is still a very talented and dangerous team. We are much stronger up front on both sides of the ball and SHOULD WIN, but I wouldn't be surprised if we have a battle on our hands. Granted, once again, ND should wear 'em down BUT it is still USC, and discussing a potential match up with an elite SEC squad seems somewhat inane and a bit premature.

  4. Just listened to the show and enjoyed your insights on things I hadn't thought of. There are two points I'd like to add. First, re: Golson's progress. I didn't hear anything about game management. How many times in the first few games did we we see the play clock running down, Golson looking over at the sidelines, Kelly giving the hurry up sign, and then calling timeout. I haven't seen that (well, maybe once or twice) in the last few games. Second, the point on conditioning being a major role in 4th quarter performance is well taken. There's another aspect, tho. Kelly has recruited enuf depth (mainly on defense) that he can rotate people in thruout the game to give the first string guys a blow once in a while.

  5. Oh goodness, you guys struck a chord with the Theo "vs" Cierre. And again, I understand what ou say Mike, but I'm "with" Ed. The quotes are used because they are competitors for reps but working together.

    Starting back almost 2 months ago, one poster on a message board likened me to holding down the Alamo for Theo while bullets flew all around as others climbed the walls holding up Cierre Wood signs. The thing is, what we seem to forget at times is that the RB position IN BK's OFFENSE, requires a spate of responsibilities. Running between tackles, running wide, pass catching(and route running), PASS BLOCKING. While Cierre's lone advantage over Theo for reps is breakaway ability, Theo is better in all other grades. His block to allow Golson to connect with Chris Brown vs OU has been going on all year. He is always squirming and falling forward after contact(Ed also pointed it out). He has one lost fumble(during garbage time vs BC). He makes every key catch. And he has tremendous make-ya-miss in tight areas(ask the BYU or OU safeties about their ankles). Theo just has a bit more WANT TO as well as higher grades in every category but one.

    That said, I believe we'll see alot of Cierre vs USC after watching UCLA/USC. The stretch play will be utilized and that is Wood's forte and we'll need to run the ball with success vs USC. But again, I LOVE THEM BOTH!

  6. For some reason I am concerned about this game. Hopefully it is only me. I am concerned about Golson throwing into coverage and the very good USC defensive backs taking the ball away. I am concerned that the USC QB does not know what he doesn't know and will play like a seasoned veteran (especially at first). Kelly needs to rein in on Golson's passing (and fumbling like you mentioned) and let this be a defensive battle. I think the ND defense can eventually take the ball away from USC and the ND offense simply cannot turn the ball over.

  7. Kazmar - I disagree. I think the USC defense is vulnerable to an aggressive, varied attack where we rely heavily on Everett. It will be somewhat similar to Oklahoma, but probably more aggressive, given USC's weaker defense and not as good as defensive backs. There is not a lot of reason for ND to run anymore into a defense stacked against the run, where Everett has the arm to sling the ball to the open targets. He's getting better with throwing to Eifert and when they double on Eifert, he is hitting Riddick over the middle or Jones on the sidelines. Add to that Everett's ability to run the ball, and there is just too much for them to cover and they have been undisciplined on defense all year. Once they start respecting Everett's ability to throw and run and they get a little tired ... then a steady pounding from the run game should seal the deal. It's been a good formula this year.

    I do have mixed feelings about facing Wettig. He's young, strong and apparently brash and Barkley has been so uninspired lately. He might make a few good connections, but my guess would be that he'll toss at least one INT and be vulnerable to timely blitzing. It should be the first time he experiences a top-notch college pass rush and the big question will be whether he can maintain his poise and his eyes down field and scoot around in the pocket as necessary. If he has trouble with any of those three - it will be a long night for the Trojans.

  8. Well It's official.

    We just got off the phone with my sisters friend and we have 2 seats 50 yard line 4 rows back. Hotel is booked and so is the airfare.

    Miami and BCS title game, here we come!


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