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Irish will win Monday

SEC may not be as dominant as we once thought. Bama is a great team, but if the Irish play solid football, expect a win.


  1. Good show, but but don't know if giving Alabama QB enough respect. I believe he has 26 passing TD's tp 3 Int's. Hope you are right on preditions, especially would love to see Coffey's come true, but still seems like a kool=aid pick to me.

  2. Obama will lower taxes before the Irish can beat Alabama

  3. And then that happened. What a nightmare.

    Still, it took my 11 year old son's innocent wisdom to talk me off the ledge of insanity: "well dad, we had a great year and didn't lose until tonight". He's right. It was a memorable and exciting season. It's just disappointing the way it went down.

    I'm upset with the offensive play calling and appalled at the arm tackling. I thought we were back in the Willingham days.

  4. Lost national championship and on the verge of losing kelly. This will only cause transfers and ddecomits. National signing day is only a month away. Is there a plan b?

  5. Definitely listen to today's show, we cover this. But needless to say, the Irish have a lot to look forward to. They will get better than this team, and that right there says a lot. Chalk up this loss as a learning experience, and a tough one at that. But maybe this inspires them to work that much harder in 2013?


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