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Is there a plausible story?

Wow! What's next? The most likely scenario is...


  1. If you havn't watched "Catfish" on MTV, you don't understand this issue. Last night on Catfish, this white male thought he was having an internet (facebook and twitter) relationship with a very attractive white female named Amanda Miller when in fact his relationship was with a overweight black gay guy. It was truly eye opening to watch this program. This guy in Palmdale who is Teo's "girlfriend" needs to tell his side of the story. In the program last night, the victim didn't have much to say. He was dumbfounded and shocked. The gay guy had a lot to say on why he did this and why he had been doing this for years to multiple guys at the same time. As of last night the media has Teo's "girlfriend's" house surrounded in Palmdale.


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