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Is something special brewing in SB?

Irish showed some grit Saturday against a very good offensive team. Could this be the year or will injuries doom the Irish?


  1. Really glad ND beat GT but I do believe ND was pretty lucky. I saw ND defenders hit GT players out of bounds twice in the first half which should have been unsportsmanlike 15 yard penalties. I also saw Fuller push off twice which COULD have been offensive pass interference on both of his touchdowns. And the GT offensive line holding penalty that nullified a GT touchdown in the 3rd quarter really didn't need to be called. These calls all could have gone against ND and could have easily won the game for GT. ND may be on the wrong side of the officials' calls in the Clemson game.

  2. Not sure what game you were watching Ted. We pretty much kicked GT around the field for 58.5 minutes. Last minute and a half we stunk but the game was not nearly as close as final score indicated.

  3. And I do think Kelly will use that last minute and a half as motivation for the rest of the year. They can't let up, ever....

  4. Joseph, I think Ted's point was that it could have swung the other way. I saw the game the same way Ted did, we skirted some big fouls. They did play great, but a few key penalties here and there could have put GT in more scoring positions.

    I think ND pulls out a close victory against Clemson. And I also think the refs might be a factor in this game if they're ACC officials. Praying we don't have any jump celebration injuries! Go IRISH!!


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