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Why ND will beat Texas

Charlie Strong is a great coach, but he's not enough to overcome the Irish depth and veteran leaders. Look for the Irish to break out in the second half.


  1. If ND can't beat Texas by at least 21 points than ND can't be better than 8-4 this year. If amazes me how people bring up the LSU game. A game officiated by neutral officials, the one thing that could make ND great again if they had neutral officials for all their games. Certainly something Swarbrick could have put in all the ND contracts but he didn't. Anyway I hope you guys are right about 2015 and ND has fair officiating and Navy plays a game without hate in their hearts but I think 2015 will be a lot like 2014: ACC officials looking out for the ACC and Navy looking to hurt as many ND players as they can.

  2. "If ND can't beat Texas by at least 21 points than ND can't be better than 8-4 this year."

    The Tx win is no surprise for me, but this above is still a silly comment. ND barely beat a weak Purdue team early in 2012 and went 12-0. OSU lost to Va Tech last year and went on to win NC.

    Your comments about officiating have merit, but Ara and Holtz faced biased officiating too and, if it exists this year, it can be overcome.

  3. Teams will go to great lengths simply to
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