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In defense of Brian Kelly

Is Brian Kelly unfairly criticized based on his record at ND? Guest analysts Chris Travers enters the house to debate it.


  1. I just hope one Mulligan is all he is allowed. This isn't the Play Like A Champion Foundation Charity golf tournament. Great addition bringing Chris Travers on board. There is a guy named Dirty who can pinch hit for D&D in the future if necessary.

  2. We'll know a lot after tomorrow. :) Go Irish! Now that the Cubs have turned things around, it's time for ND!

  3. Having listened to the show, I'll simply say this:

    If a coach who has averaged nine+ wins per season over the last six years, who has coached the program to a couple major bowl wins, and whose teams play solid, fundamental football even in losses, put out a 4-8 stinker at least partially due to reasons beyond his control (freak injury, unexpected program departure, etc.), I have no problem giving that coach a mulligan.

    When a coach who has averaged five+ losses a season, has been blown out in both major bowl performances, and whose teams are not known for fundamentals and have looked terrible in some losses, puts out a 4-8 stinker mostly because he retained, against advice, a severely underperforming DC and S&C staff, I have no problem giving that coach a pink slip.

    The fact that Kelly, in year eight, was allowed this "complete reboot", or whatever euphemism Swarbrick is throwing around these days, tells me Brian Kelly is being treated MORE than fairly. It's the fans who are getting the short end.

  4. Let's also remember Longo and VanGorder were known issues going into 2015, let alone 2016

  5. Some good counter points Coffey. You should've been on the show to make them! Ha. He has taken us to Championship Game and was arguably a win away against Clemson from going to another. I don't think we lose to Stanford if playing for Playoffs. Anyway, make or break year for Kelly is this year. Totally agree.

  6. If the defensive line plays inspired football, we have a chance. I really think the success of the team this year is on the line of scrimmage, more than any of the previous years. 2 AP All-Americans on the O-line help. We need the D-line to play out of their minds.


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